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The Center holds a variety of Metaphysical   and Spiritualist oriented courses throughout the year.

One of our most popular courses is the


The first hour of class, designed to help you enhance your natural Psychic abilities, is spent in lecture, interactive discussion, and psychic exercises.  Some topics covered include the History and Science of Spirit Communication, Phases of Physical and Mental Mediumship, Meditation, Psychometry, Trance Channeling, Life After Death, Astral Colors and Their Uses, The Art of Healing, and SO MUCH MORE.

The second hour of class is spent in Spirit Circle where you will be taught to develop your Mediumship Skills

COST: $600.  or $20/weekly Pay-as-you-go

for a total of 3 units at 10 weeks each unit

We currently are holding OPEN ENROLLMENT Please call  Rev Jeanne Carey at (518) 866-9527 to find out which day of the week we have openings.

Once you have completed all 30 weeks ( all 3 units) you will receive a Certificate of Completion.  You will then be offered the opportunity of TESTING YOUR SKILLS.  Upon successful completion of your tests you will be presented with a CERTIFICATE OF MEDIUMSHIP, which states that The Center for Spiritual Enlightenment fully recognizes your competency as a Psychic/ Medium.  And as such you have the privilege of citing the CFSE in all your advertising.

                   TEACHING STAFF

Rev. Jeanne M. Carey is a Nationally Accredited Psychic/Medium and Director of the CFSE.

Laura Waters Accredited Psychic/ Medium and a graduate of the CFSE  (518) 921-0132

Kathy Moshier Accredited Psychic/Medium and a graduate of the CFSE (315) 867-7287


Along with our Classroom  Circles, we also hold OPEN Circles at 7:30 pm on Friday Evenings for anyone else that would like to participate.  It is open to the Public.  Also known as a Seance, deriving from the French word for "sitting" or "session", a gathering consists of a group of people with the intent to actively communicate with Spirits

Contrary to all the Hype, Misunderstandings and Preconceived notions of Hollywood, all work done within the circle is done within the White Light (God Light) of goodness  Messages are often passed from departed loved ones and Spirit Guides (Guardian Angels).

COST $10. per person (First time sitters is FREE)  Circle starts at 7:30, latecomers won't be admitted.  Please check Facebook for cancellations.

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