The Marquis & His Lady, Jeanne Carey's first book published in 2009, is a channeled work about Jane Douherty and William Penwell (mid 1800's Ireland).

Enjoy the story of how Jane turns William's world  upside down and inside out with her unwitting humor and innoncence.  Cheer along as we watch Jane take William from his dark forbidding world into a world of sunlight and love 

It is the unintended love story of two individuals that are as different as night and day.

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Devil of The Highlands, Jeanne's second book published in 2009, is the channelled work about Lizbeth Martin and Rolph Kinduin.

This is their story of their triumphs and their struggles, both seperate and together.  From the time of their first meeting as children until their meeting several years later in a Highland glen, its all out war between both of them:  A war of emotions, trusts, betrayals, and desires and eventually love.

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Moon Madness, Jeanne's third book, published in 2009 is about identical twins, Abigail and Amelia. (late 1800's - early 1900's)

Watch what happens when their loveable doting father, and their stern matronly aunt embark on the daunting task of finding suitable husbands for the girls.  Victorian England will never be the same by the time these two young ladies are married good  and proper.

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